The wind that moves us


Winner of Doc.España at the Seminci 66th Edition in Valladolid (Spain)

Winner of Latitud Award at the DocsBarcelona 25th Edition in Barcelona (Spain)

Winner of Best Documentary Region 7 Award at the Cerdanya Film Festival 13th Edition in Puigcerdà (Spain)

Official selection at the Magnificent 7 18th European Feature Documentary Film Festival (Belgrade)

Official selection at the FICG 37th Edition in Guadalajara (Mexico)




The wind that moves us (2021), 78 minutes

Script, cinematography & editing: Pere Puigbert

Composer: Francesc Sidera

Executive producer: David Gimbernat

Sound design:  Pere Puigbert & Jonathan Darch

Sound mixer: Jonathan Darch

Production company: DDM Visual



An old woman and her great-grandson, a shepherd and a girl who grows apples: a sensory experience in the land of the wind. The beauty of the images and the richness of an immersive soundtrack capture us in the rhythm of everyday life, deep in Empordà. The energy of the wind connects the inhabitants of this small territory in northwest Catalonia with a unique cultural heritage that is preserved through the legacy of family generations. The patient observation of the Empordà landscape reveals how local culture crosses borders with the universal force of the wind.