The wind that moves us


The wind that moves us (2021), 78 minutes

Script, cinematography, sound design & editing: Pere Puigbert

Composer: Francesc Sidera

Executive producer: David Gimbernat

Sound mixer: Jonathan Darch

Production company: DDM Visual



Remei is an old woman who has lived in a village all of her life and has devoted herself mainly to her family. Even when she feels more lonely every day, she keeps doing household chores and other activities that help her while away the time. Her great-grandson, who is beginning to discover the world around him, often keeps her company. They live in a windy area in northeastern Spain, where we also find a shepherd who spends most of his time tending his flock of sheep and a girl who cultivates apples. 

These main characters, each one living a different moment in life, share a daily reality which 

highlights a lively cultural heritage preserved through the legacy between family generations.