About me

“I’m deeply inspired by small events of great beauty, which often go unnoticed; a gust of wind moves across an old oak, its leaves crackle. Then, silence follow.”

“I am passionate about creating poetry through the camera (when I shoot) and through the assembly of images (when I edit).”

“I focus on the local, on my closest reality, in order to evoke something universal.”


Pere Puigbert began his career as an editor, and a good part of his filmography approaches natural landscapes.

The Wind that Moves Us (2021) was his first feature film as a director, which also filmed, edited, and created the sound design. The documentary was selected at the Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG, 2021), and won a Doc.Spain Award at the 66th SEMINCI, and a Latitude Award at the 25th edition of DocsBarcelona.

He has also been involved in the creation of audiovisual installations for museums, and his film Fluvius from 2020 was presented as an important part of the interactive audio-visual exhibition about rivers. 

Today he works as a director and editor and as a lecturer at ERAM faculty at the University of Girona.